Horizonte Capital is a search fund formed to seek, acquire and manage
a single company in Brazil continuing to build the company sucess history.



 Horizonte Capital fund is interested in acquiring a single company with revenues between R$ 30 million and R$ 120 million per year that is financially stable.


The Horizonte Capital team is evaluating opportunities in various industries and considers as requirements for an investment:


Most of the company's revenue have to come from medium/ long term contracts or purchases that are often repeated.


Companies that don't rely on heavy investments in order to be sustainable or to grow.


Strong cash generation, does not depend on large and frequent financial contributions, nor significant investments in maintenance of machinery and equipment.


The sector in which the company operates have been growing above 5% per year.



The Horizonte Capital's managers are both successful executives that bring complementary, world-class experiences that combined will greatly contribute to the company's future.

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Co-funder & Managing Director

Patricia co-founded and is currently managing director of Horizonte Capital. She has an extensive experience of more than 6 years as a consultant at Deloitte and has a large experience in the M&A market. Her previous position was as a manager. She graduated summa cum laude in production engineering on FUMEC and has an MBA from INSEAD.

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Co-funder & Managing Director

Lucas co-founded and is currently managing director of Horizonte Capital. He has a longstanding experience in finance, working for more than 8 years on Itaú BBA. He structured financial operations up to R$2 billion and was responsible for clients with revenues between R$400 million and R$4 billion. Lucas is a CFA Charterholder. He graduated summa cum laude in economics on Ibmec and has an MBA from INSEAD.




Currently studies business at FGV. Has two international experiences. Both of six months in the US (Seattle) and in the Netherlands (Maastricht).



Currently studies business at FIA. Has one year of international experience in the US and 6 months in Europe. Alongside has an IB-DP certificate (International Baacalaureate Diplom Program).



Rua Cerro Corá, 1696, Alto da Lapa, São Paulo, SP, CEP 05061-300


The Horizonte Capital fund is compound of institutional and individual investors and family offices. These investors are successful entrepreneurs and executives that once managed large companies or investment funds (Search Funds or Private Equities) and who now combine all their experience to contribute to the growth of one company in Brazil.

Alza Capital

Private equity firm specialized in search funds and with a global investment focus.

Site: http://www.alzacp.com/

Brad Brown

After an extremely successful career at McKinsey & Company, focusing on technology practices, Brad Brown became a serial search fund investor.

Site: https://bradfordbrown.com/

Cabiedes Partners

Spanish venture capital investment vehicle that also seeks good investment opportunities via Search Funds.

Felipe and Rafael Ruiz

Spanish family with interests in companies and that also have a hedge fund strand.

Inversiones Berrueco

Investment vehicle led by Don Alfonso Barandiarán Olleros and linked to industrialists from the Basque Country (Spain), with Javier Alonso as advisor and co-investor.

Istria Capital

IIstria Capital is the first European based investment vehicle with a mandate to invest in search fund around the world.

Site: https://www.istriacapital.com/

Jamie Turner

In partnership with Kirk Riedinger, he successfully acquired a company through the Search fund model, and after a successful exit became a Search Fund investor.

José Stella and Rafael Somoza

Founders of the first Search Fund in Puerto Rico. After the search fund was finished, they founded QMC Telecom and became serial investors in Search Funds.

Kinderhook Partners

New Jersey based fund focused on investing in high growth potential public and private companies.


Site: https://www.kinderhookpartners.com/

Kirk Riedinger

Together with Jamie Turner Kirk, they started a Search Fund in the United States and after a successful exit went on to invest in several search funds.

Miramar Equity Partners

Dallas-based family office that seeks to associate with executives and operators ahead of the curve to invest in businesses with high growth potential.

Site: https://miramarequity.com/

M Squared O

Los Angeles based family office focused on investing in search funds.

Site: https://msquaredo.com/

Relay Investments

Investment fund focused exclusively on search funds. Relay investmensts already invested in over 150 deals. They are based in Boston.

Site: https://www.relayinvestments.com/

Rodger Douglas

Neozolandian with great experience in the dairy industry. He is founder and CEO of Agropecuaria Sete Copas.

Tobias Raeber

After a successful career in consulting and entrepreneurship, via the Search Fund model, Tobias began investing in Search Funds.

Tomas Bergstrand

Principal at Archipelago Ventures, Tomas is a serial investor in Search Fund and Private Equity.

Vinchi Gamboa 

A highly successful Private Equity executive. He is a member of Baring Private Equity Asia, a fund with over USD 16 billion in committed capital.

Vonzeo Capital

Canada-based investment fund with a mandate to invest in search funds.


Site: https://www.vonzeocapital.com/

WSC & Company

WSC & Company is a private investment firm focused on acquiring companies through the traditional Search Fund model.


 Site: https://wscandcompany.com/